How to Play Piñata

As far as party games go, piñatas are a classic! But just in case you’ve never had one, let us give you a few tips and tricks for a fantastic piñata party game.

There are two types that you can buy:

And the first thing you should know is that all piñatas are supplied unfilled. This means it’s up to you to add the sweets and treats that will eventually fall out. You’ll find lots of ideas on our piñata accessories page.

What to fill your piñata with

How to fill a piñata

Filling your piñata is really quick and simple – part of what makes this such a fantastic party game for kids! Each one has a white paper disk – push this in and you’ll create a hole where you can insert your sweets and treats. Top tip: Make sure there are enough treats inside for everyone to get a few!

Setting up your piñata

  1. Remove the white paper disk and fill it with your choice of sweets and treats.
  2. Each piñata comes with a plastic hook – use some strong string to tie this to it.
  3. Hang it somewhere it can swing freely, ideally outdoors.
  4. Start playing!

How to play piñata

  1. Take it in turns to hit the piñata with a stick
  2. As soon as it breaks, make a dash for the treats!
  3. Make the game harder for older children and adults by playing it blindfolded.

Top tip: Since piñatas are quite strong, make sure that everyone gets to hit it a couple of times before you move onto the next person.

A few safety tips

Piñata is a great kids’ party game but it’s very important to keep safety in mind when you’re using a stick to hit it!

Here are a few tips.

Pull piñatas

In many ways pull piñatas are just like traditional ones apart from they were developed for small children who may struggle to use a bat. Fill them up and hang them just like you would a classic piñata and then pull on the ribbons to release the trapdoor and the treats. Most have around 12 ribbons.

How to play pull piñatas

It’s best not to let the children take it in turns to pull a ribbon. After all, the game could end in tears if the first ribbon opens the trapdoor and no-one else gets a turn! We’d recommend this:

  1. Each child holds a ribbon
  2. Count to three or to the birthday boy or girl’s age
  3. Shout ‘pull!’ and everyone gives their ribbon a tug at the same time

Top tips for pull piñatas

So there you have it! Now you know how to play, it’s time to choose a piñata and let the game begin!